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Creating sustainable solutions to bridge the opportunity divide among underrepresented communities.


A world where underserved communities have equal access to opportunity.

The William & Lanaea C. Featherstone Foundation, an award-winning nonprofit, has an unparalleled reputation for advancing economic outcomes of immigrant families. The Foundation is on the forefront empowering first-generation students to achieve higher education – and tackling unemployment and underemployment through its innovative workforce program.

In 2008, an enterprising husband and wife team launched the Foundation to bridge the opportunity divide and develop programs that promote self-sufficiency, economic empowerment and stronger communities. In 2013, Lanaea Featherstone received an Open Society Institute Baltimore Community Fellowship for her efforts empowering immigrant communities. In 2016, the Foundation received a Governor’s Citation for promoting economic growth.

The award-winning Featherstone Foundation works to bridge the opportunity divide among for underserved communities and has improved the lives of hundreds of  families throughout the State. In addition, we have provided scores of laptop computers to deserving families.

Global Reach

We’ve trained over 1,000 participants from 29 countries who speak more than 40 languages. We have a strong presence working with HBCUs in the U.S

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