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Residual Economic Impact

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Award-winning William & Lanaea C. Featherstone Foundation empowered first-generation students to achieve higher education with college scholarships, tackled unemployment and underemployment through our innovative workforce program that placed participants in meaningful careers

Here’s our impact by program:

      • The Reaching New Heights program Incubates bilingual talent and provides a pipeline for employers to tap qualified, diverse candidates. Since inception, 76 graduates from 28 countries who speak 44 languages.

To date, the Featherstone Foundation has served hundreds of families from 29 countries who speak over 40 languages. 

Featherstone College Scholarships

Since 2017, the Featherstone Scholarship Program has awarded:

  • over $311,000
  • 128 scholarships to
  • students from 29 countries
  • now attending 12 institutions.

36 scholarships awarded total ($72,000)

28 students served total
9 students received the award 2 or more consecutive
Students hailed from 12 different countries
57% of students have a household income under $24,999
4 graduate students
9 males (32%) | 19 females (68%)
Scholarship Start Year: 2016

As a result of the scholarship program, students are attending the University of Baltimore. 

Euodias E. Parker Scholarships 

4 scholarships awarded total ($12,000)
2 males (50%) | 2 females (50%)
All students self-identified as Black or African American
1 student with household income below $12,999
Scholarship Start Year: 2018
As a result of the program, students now attend Cornell, University of Maryland, Morgan State, and St. Marys College of Maryland. 

Featherstone HBCU Scholarship

2 scholarships awarded total ($4,000)
1 male (50%) | 1 female (50%)
1 student from Nepal
Scholarship Start Year: 2020
As a result of the scholarship program, students are attending Morgan State University