Juliana Lopez

Juliana Lopez

Executive Director

Juliana Lopez, a native of Colombia, runs and manages the organization’s day to day operations, including oversight and fundraising. 

She is responsible for leading the strategic direction and implementation of our high-quality programs. 

Juliana is a trilingual professional with over 10 years of experience leading community engagement projects in multiple markets from the for-profit and non profit sectors. 

Juliana, a certified project manager from the University of Villanova, holds a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language Education and is also an alumni of the Featherstone Foundation’s Reaching New Heights Program.

After Reaching New Heights Juliana had a successful career in the banking Industry before accepting a position as a customer service representative at a recognized global company, where her leadership, problem solving skills and passion for driving change, quickly ascended her to lead different global teams in the operations department.

Originally from Colombia, South America, Juliana feels a strong connection with the immigrant community and embraces opportunities that promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and community where she lives. 

Juliana, loves languages, is fluent in Spanish, English and understands French and enjoys creating low-carb baking recipes.