Spanish Classes

The Featherstone Foundation welcomes students ages 7-10 to join us for fun and interactive virtual Spanish Classes! Although schools have temporarily closed, the need for student learning and engagement is more critical than ever.  

The Featherstone Foundation’s Virtual Spanish Classes will take place via the Zoom platform every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10am -11am. Students will receive extremely engaging virtual lessons from a native bilingual professional. Class sessions will run for two weeks for a total of six classes.  We invite all beginner students to register online here

Learning languages enhances critical thinking; increases global awareness; promotes language fluency and increases employment marketability. The Program will help level the playing field by providing students with access to a foreign language, thus building their competitive advantage. Students who study languages are better equipped to handle the demands of our globalized world. In fact, those that speak languages often make better candidates for leadership positions. The Program has two main goals: (1) To inspire students to learn more about languages and culture and (2) To be informed and engaged citizens in our globalized world. 

These instructors will provide a fun, engaging and interactive language immersion program that is aligned with the needs of today’s 21st Century learners. Professionally developed lesson plans, in Spanish, will include activities on daily life, cultural arts, climate action and geography that have real-world implications and applications. 

At a time where our neighbors from all around the world are coming together virtually, the Featherstone Foundation is committed to helping the students in Baltimore City and the surrounding metro area continue to grow academically. In these unprecedented times, we hope that these classes will provide consistent, in-home academic enrichment for students.