Featherstone HBCU Scholarships at Coppin State University

Access to higher education is a powerful driver that creates opportunities for underrepresented communities to achieve economic stability. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation expanded its programs supporting first-generation students to achieve higher education with college scholarships, tackling unemployment and underemployment through paid internships and our innovative workforce program that places participants in meaningful careers

Access to higher education is paramount in transforming the lives of individuals and communities. However, the financial burden to receive an advanced degree has proven challenging for some. The Featherstone Foundation works to mitigate the economical strain and achieve Academic Equity in Higher Education for underserved and traditionally underrepresented students through scholarships.

The Featherstone HBCU College Scholarships create opportunities for high-performing students to tap much-needed funding so that attending a four-year, Historically Black College and University (HBCU) can be more attainable.

In 2023, the Featherstone Foundation will award nine, $3,000 Featherstone HBCU Scholarships to high academic achieving students at Coppin State University.  

Nine Coppin State University students will receive $3,000 Awards. Scholarships will be designated for students from each of the four colleges within the University.


The Featherstone Scholarships track record:

    • More than $311,000 awarded 
    • 128 scholarships 
    • to students from 20 countries
    • attending  12 institutions

Last year, the Featherstone Foundation awarded 30 college scholarships. We invite you to read about our previous winners: 

About the Featherstone HBCU Awards: In 2021, the Featherstone Foundation launched a strategic partnership with Coppin State University to create economic and professional opportunities for students from underrepresented communities.  Since then, the Featherstone HBCU Scholarships have mitigated financial barriers to higher education and provide underserved communities with access to additional funding.  This special award encourages first-generation college students, from economically challenged backgrounds, to pursue higher education and help level the playing field for inner-city students. To help support the many talented students in Baltimore City, our scholarship helps promote matriculation and student retention for those attending or seeking admission to HBCUs in Baltimore City.

To date, we’ve served participants from 29 countries who speak over 40 languages.