Featherstone Scholarships at The University of Baltimore

Now Accepting Applications
for the 2023 Featherstone College Scholarships
at The University of Baltimore
10 Awards: $3,000 each

Application Deadline: March 10, 2023

Access to higher education is a powerful driver that creates opportunities for underrepresented communities to achieve economic stability.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation expanded its programs supporting first-generation students to achieve higher education with college scholarships, tackling unemployment and underemployment through paid internships and our innovative workforce program that places participants in meaningful careers

Access to higher education is paramount in transforming the lives of individuals and communities. However, the financial burden to receive an advanced degree has proven challenging for some. The Featherstone Foundation works to mitigate the economical strain and achieve Academic Equity in Higher Education for underserved and traditionally underrepresented students through scholarships.

In 2023, ten selected students will receive $3,000 merit-based awards to attend The University of Baltimore during the 2023-2024 school year. We invite prospective candidates to submit an application online here This innovative scholarship fund works to help increase access to four-year institutions for underrepresented communities.


  1. Scholarships are open to underrepresented communities such as international students, immigrants, racial minorities, first-generation college students, and/or those with economic challenges to higher education.
  2. SAT/ACT scores will be considered
  3. Cumulative 3.0 grade-point average (GPA)
  4. Scholarships are open to high school seniors who will start their first semester at The University of Baltimore, undergraduate students applying to transfer to UBalt, as well as current UBalt. college freshman, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students.
  5. Awards are open to all majors
  6. Students should demonstrate involvement in extracurricular activities; and
  7. Complete essays outlining career goals and aspirations
  8. Must be enrolled during the 2022-2023 academic year
  9. Award winners are expected to attend an award ceremony
  10. Application Deadline: March, 10, 2023

The Featherstone Scholarships track record:

    • More than $230,000 awarded 
    • 98 scholarships 
    • to students from 20 countries
    • attending  12 institutions

Last year, the Featherstone Foundation awarded 30 college scholarships. We invite you to read about our previous winners: 

About the Awards: In 2016, The Featherstone Foundation created the Featherstone College Scholarship Program at The University of Baltimore to promote higher education and to empower the next generation of student leaders. Since inception, the Foundation has awarded 46 scholarships to UBalt students totaling nearly $100,000. 

Past Award winners include UBalt student body president Daniel Khoshkepazi to Loren Nelson who received a B.A. in human services administration, was selected by a stand-alone committee to provide remarks at the UBalt commencement ceremony.